Android Phone Themes

Android Phone Themes

What are they and why do you need them?

You may be asking yourself, "What exactly are Android Phone Themes?"  Themes are a feature available on every Android phone.  You can find them in your settings menu by clicking on "Settings" and scrolling down to the category "Themes."  Click that and it will take you to the Galaxy Themes website.  You will find all kinds of customization options for your phone on this site.  There are free themes and also full themes for purchase.  Themes include wallpapers, customized icons, fonts, lock screen animations and more!  You will also get a customized keyboard for your texts and a beautifully designed dial pad for when you make your very important phone calls.  All of these items are packaged together into one theme for free or for only a dollar or two.  A very good deal and a fun way to add beauty and interest to your screen time.

Now that you are aware of what a phone theme is, you will want to get one for yourself.  I have designed many for you and you can navigate to them using the menu to your left (if you are on a computer or tablet) and the menu above (if you are on a phone.)  Take a look at what I have created and feel free to follow the link at the bottom of each theme page to download these little bundles. 

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